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Protein Extraction

Protein Extraction

The new 2EzHRV and 2EzTEV Dual-Tagged Proteases cleave off fusion proteins at sites used in the popular pGEX vectors. Currently, Invitrogen incorporates the TEV site in many Gateway vectors, and is selling the protease as "AcTEV". GE (Amersham) first incorporated HRV 3C protease site in pGEX vectors and call the protease "PreScission protease". The advantages of Genlantis' 2EzHRV and 2EzTEV proteases are: 1. lower price, and 2. the inclusion of two tags on allows for GST or His-tag purification, which means easier purification of the customer's target protein

1EzNUCLEASE DNA & RNA Endonuclease is a proprietary E. coli preparation of the recombinant Serratia macescens extracellular endonuclease. This highly active enzyme digests single and double stranded nucleic acids into 5'-phosphorylated oligonucleotides that are 1-4 bases long. The 1EzNUCLEASE endonuclease makes it easier to handle and purify cell lysate components because it dramatically reduces sample viscosity via nucleic acids digestion.

2EzHRV DT Protease
1EzNUCLEASE enzyme
Cleave off fusion proteins at sites used in the popular pGEX vectors
Digests single and double stranded DNA and RNA to reduce viscosity of cell lysates used in purification of recombinant proteins


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