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New Biotechnology Products

FirstResponder Sterilizer
Attachin™ Collagens
Ozilla® Laboratory Sterilization System - Ozone Generator/Scrubber
Sterilize Ambulances, Hospitals, Police and Military vehicles, Research facilities, Aircraft, Ships
Pathway reporter stable cell lines with luciferase reporter system
Maximum possible purity
Laboratory Sterilization System
CloneCatcher&#0153; Gold DH5G Electrocompetent <i>E. coli</i>
SoluLyse-M Protein Extraction Reagent
SoluLyse Reagent for Bacteria
SoluBL21&#0153; Competent <I>E. coli</I>
The Highest Efficiency Electrocompetent Cells Ever
Efficient and gentle extraction of soluble proteins
Express toxic proteins or insoluble proteins in a soluble form
GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> 3000 Transfection Reagent
GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> Gold Transfection Reagent
ecoHSA Animal-free Human Serum Albumin
SoluLyse-M Protein Extraction Reagent
Highest transfection efficiency for hard to transfect cells
Technologicaly advanced low-cost gene delivery
Animal-free preparation of the human albumin gene produced in Rice
SoluLyse Reagent for Bacteria
Efficient and gentle extraction of soluble proteins


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