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DNA Transfection

DNA TransfectionAs a pioneer in the development of new genetic transfection technologies, Genlantis has emerged as a leading supplier of innovative gene delivery products. We offer both broad-spectrum and cell-specific DNA transfection reagents that are extensively screened for high efficiency and low toxicity. With both lipid and polymer-based formulations, Genlantis DNA transfection reagents target the broadest range of cell types.

GenePORTER® Gold and GenePORTER® 3000 are our newest and most effective lipid based gene delivery formulations for the widest variety of primary cells and cell lines. GenePORTER Gold is mostly suitable for easy-to-transfect cells and is a cost effective alternative that is effective and gentle on cells. GenePORTER 3000 is a maximum efficiency reagent best suited for hard-to-transfect cells. We also offer transfection accessories, such as the BoosterExpress™ Reagent kits for increased expression of transfected genes, and the CellScrub™ Wash Buffer for the removal of extracellular lipid/DNA complexes

GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> 3000 Transfection Reagent
GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> Gold Transfection Reagent
GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> 2 Transfection Reagent
GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> H Transfection Reagent
Highest transfection efficiency for hard to transfect cells
Technologicaly advanced low-cost gene delivery
Proven powerful transfection
Easier to Use
GenePORTER<sup>&#0174;</sup> Transfection Reagent
PerFectin&#0153; Transfection Reagent
High-efficiency serum-free transfection
Economical transfection for CHO, COS, 293, HeLa, NIH-3T3, and Jurkat Cells.


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